Xfelscience2018 : Meeting of the GDRi XFEL-Science

The meeting took place from Thursday Sept. 20th to Friday Sept 21st at Rennes 1 University
GDRi XFEL Science

X-ray Free Electron Lasers (XFELs)

X-ray Free Electron Lasers are recently built sources with laser-like properties and photon energies from the ultraviolet to the hard x-rays. The very intense and extremely short pulse durations (down to tens of femtosecond) are enabling new use of ‘old’ experimental techniques such as x-ray scattering, diffraction and absorption as well as the birth of new experimental approaches such as Femtosecond Serial Crystallography.

GDRi XFEL-Science

The International Research Network XFEL-Science, supported by the CNRS as an international research group (GDRi), aims at fostering the French user community interested in exploiting the unique properties of soft and hard X-ray Free Electron Laser sources. The intense, coherent and extremely short X-ray pulses of these sources enable experiments which were impossible until their very recent advent.

More information on the network can be found here: https://roentgen.lcpp6.jussieu.fr/XFEL-Science/

XFEL-Science Annual meeting

The XFEL-Science network organizes an annual meeting to inform the interested user community about recent results, news from the facilities and future projects. The 2018 meeting has been organized by Marco Cammarata from the Institut of Physics in Rennes.

Topics discussed include News from the FEL facilities, structural dynamics in the solid phase, biological sciences, magnetism, matter in extreme conditions, atomic and molecular physics.

This meeting has been particularly important since a renewed steering committee has formed with few important points in the its agenda including the future of the research network itself and to increase outreach activities.