Séminaire OSUR / IPR : Tatyana Chesnokova “Atmospheric radiative transfer simulation for spectroscopic detection of greenhouse gases and air pollutants”.

DATE : Jeudi 27 Avril 2017 à 14 h00 – Salle des conférences de l’OSUR

Intervenante : Tatyana Chesnokova de l’Université de Tomsk, Russie

Last three decades have been the warmest ones for the Earth’s surface since 1850 that was caused by an increase of greenhouse gases concentration in the atmosphere. The spectroscopic measurements of the atmospheric content of greenhouse gases and air pollutants are discussed. The accuracy of the atmospheric gases retrieval depends on initial spectroscopic information on absorption line parameters and cross-sections of the atmospheric gases used in the atmospheric radiative transfer simulations transfer. An analysis of quality of modern spectroscopic information in different spectroscopic databases is carried out and its impact on the atmospheric radiation calculation is estimated. The laboratory and atmospheric spectra of the gases are considered in the near infrared and UV spectral regions. The methods of high resolution Fourier spectrometry were used. The calculations of the atmospheric transfer of solar and thermal radiation are presented.

Contact :   Gisèle EL DIB /Institut de Physique de Rennes – Département Physique Moléculaire / gisele.eldib@univ-rennes1.fr

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