Séminaire exceptionnel du Dr. Nobuyoshi MIYAMOTO : « Soft inorganic materials: the liquid crystalline colloids of inorganic nanosheets with ultra-high aspect ratio.

DATE : Lundi 26 Juin 2017, 14h00 en salle 120, bât.11E

Intervenant : Dr. Nobuyoshi MIYAMOTO
Associate Professor
Research Director of Materials and Energy Device Research Center of Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT-ME), Fujuoka, JAPAN

Abstract: Inorganic nanosheets, which are obtained by exfoliation of layered materials such as graphites, are unordinary colloidal particles as characterized by the ultimately anisotropic shape with uniform 1 nm thickness and lateral size of microns. Due to spontaneous orientation of the anisotropic particles, the colloids of nanosheets form liquid crystal phases, depending on the size and concentration. Combinations of liquid crystalline nanosheets with synthetic polymers, biopolymers, or living bacteria opens lead to variation of composite materials with regulated structures applicable. in many ways such as soft-actuators and sensors. The fundamentals of liquid crystalline nanosheets and our recent application researches will presented in this lecture

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