Discrete media Department

The “discrete media” department studies systems composed of a dispersed phase embedded in a continuous one. Examples include granular materials, porous media, dense suspensions, and foams. These systems are often considered “complex” because they exhibit very rich dynamics and generally resist modeling. They are widespread in nature and in human activities. Motivated by the numerous applications in geophysics, environmental sciences, and engineering, we have developed a vigorous interdisciplinary research activity in close collaboration with these disciplines, exemplified by our association with ?Observatoire des Sciences de l?Univers de Rennes (OSUR).

Leader: Hervé TABUTEAU

Group news

Granular flows are found in many industrial processes, especially in the mining, food-processing and building industries. They are also important in nature, for example in the gravitational destabilization of cliffs, mountain slopes, and volcanic edifices and represent severe natural hazards … Continuer la lecture
Les écoulements granulaires se rencontrent dans de nombreux processus industriels, en particulier dans l’industrie minière, l’industrie agroalimentaire ou encore le secteur de construction. Ils sont également observés couramment dans la nature comme par exemple lors d’instabilités gravitaires (tels les avalanches … Continuer la lecture
Lieu de stage : Département « Milieux Divisés » Responsable du stage : Janine Emile Mél : janine.emile@univ-rennes1.fr, Tel : 02 23 23 56 46 Type de stage : stage de L3 ou M1 Durée du stage : 8 semaines Sujet de stage : Lors d’une récente étude (Optics … Continuer la lecture

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Research activities in the group are structured in three main research axes:

Destabilization and plasticity of granular materials

Granular Transport

Transport in evolving porous media

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