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In molecular materials, interactions brought into play result in fragile equilibrium between multistable states, switchable under the effect of temperature, pressure or light for example. Our team is investigating the mechanisms driving these switching at thermal equilibrium or in highly out-of-equilibrium dynamics by using state-of-the art techniques in our laboratory (photo-crystallography, ultrafast optical spectroscopy…) and also large facilities (X-FEL, synchrotron, neutron,…). The scientific issues deal with understanding and controlling switching between multi-stable states, in particular driven by light. The new field of photoinduced phase transitions deals with the study and the control of material’s response to light excitation. Indeed, light excitation, of continuous or pulsed nature, may induce the transformation materials towards another phase of different electronic/structural order. This new way of acting on matter combines many of today’s interconnecting issues such as far away from equilibrium phenomena, coherence and quantum control, correlated behaviour and nonlinear responsiveness, interconversion of energy and information, … These are  key elements for the advent of control science, where the challenge is not only to observe matter on ever smaller scale but also to direct its functionality at the relevant length, time and energy scales. Our knowledge in the study of complex materials or ordering phenomena is a strong input in the study of multi-stability.

Responsable : Maciej LORENC


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