Bachelor's students visit IPR research facilities

A one-day discovery of the IPR research activities by first-year students

At the beginning of the new university year, students entering the bachelor course (L1) "Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Mechanics" (L1 PCSTM) were offered a day of discovery of the IPR. The objective of this day was to present the prospects of their courses, as well as the research activities developed within the laboratory. This way, the teachers hope to boost their motivation and create closer links between the laboratory and the students.

Thus, on Wednesday, September 7, students were able to attend a presentation by the Directors of the IPR (Jean-Christophe Sangleboeuf) and FOTON (Mehdi Alouini) on the activities and the research output of their laboratories.

In the afternoon, about fifty students divided into ten groups of five visited the laboratory's experimental rooms, guided by their future teachers. A moment rich in exchanges and discoveries allowing to establish a connection between the research activities of the teachers and the newcomers on the campus.

This day of discovery for bachelor's students was a first. It was a great success, allowing a friendly start to the new academic year.