Inauguration of the joint laboratory ELAST-D3

The CNRS, the Continental group and the UR1 inaugurate the joint laboratory ELAST-D3 to meet the challenges of decarbonization

The Continental group, the University of Rennes 1 and the CNRS are pleased to announce the inauguration of their joint laboratory: ELAST-D3

This new five-year partnership takes the form of a multi-site collaboration, with teams based at both the Contitech AVS France site in Rennes and at the Rennes Institute of Physics (University of Rennes 1/CNRS). This private/public partnership will enable the sharing of material and human resources to promote the emergence of innovative projects and the implementation of collaborative studies. It will allow us to imagine together new techniques for characterizing the behavior of elastomeric materials and predicting the durability of parts in order to deepen the knowledge of each in this area.

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