Alexandre Valance

CNRS Senior Researcher

A Valloire

Email : Alexandre [dot] Valance [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : +33 223235599

Office number : Bât. 11A, bureau 131

Reasearch topics

  • Granular flows, fluid-particle flows
  • Aeolian sand transport, fluvial sediment transport
  • Sand dune Morphohodynamics
  • Morphogenesis, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Ongoing projects

  • ANR EOLE (2022-2026):"Aeolian transport of cohesive particles: From sand to snow". Partners: IRSTEA Grenoble, LTeN Nantes.
  • ANR SONO (2017-2021): "Marying coastal Safety objectives with natural development of sand dunes". Partners: EPOC, IPGP, ONF.
  • ANR SEGSED (2016-2020): "Segregation in sediment transport". Partners: IRSTEA Grenoble, LEGI.

Forthcoming publications

  • S. Kiki, N. Le Dantec, A. Valance (2022). Two-dimensional subaqueous dunes: scaling laws and saturation length (Preprint).
  • G. Minster , F. Floc’h, A. Valance, N. Le Dantec , A. Nicolle, B. Zerr, (2022). Saltation in extreme currents : An experimental study. (Preprint).
  • Y. Zhu, A. Valance and R. Delannay (2022). Boundary conditions for granular flows bounded by flat frictional surfaces. (Preprint)
  • J.B. Besnard, P. Dupont, A. El Moctar, F. Naaim, and A. Valance (2022). Aeolian erosion thresolds for cohesive sand. Soumis à JGR.
  • J.-L. Ralaiarisoa,, P. Dupont, A. Ould El. Moctar, F. Naaim, A. Valance (2022). Particle impact on a cohesive granular packing. Soumis à Phys Rev E.
  • M.Y. Louge, A. Valance, J. Xu, A. Ould El Moctar and P. Chasle (2022). Water vapor transport across an arid sand surface non-linear thermal coupling, wind-driven pore advection, subsurface waves, and exchange with the atmospheric boundary layer. Under revision for publication in Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 
  • A. Valance and D. Berzi (2022). Particle saltation in viscous shearing flows. Under revision for publication in  JFM.
  • P. Richard, A. Valance, R. Delannay, P. Boltenhagen (2022). Granular surface flows confined between flat,frictional walls. Part I: Kinematics. A paraitre dans JFM.
  • A. Neveu, R. Delannay, A. Valance, J. Jenkins and M. Larcher. (2022). Particle segregation in inclined high-speed granular flows. JFM, 935, A41,

Recent Publications

  • O. Roche, S. van den Wildenberg, A. Valance, R. Delannay, A. Mangeney, L. Corna, T. Latchimy (2021). Experimental assessment of the effective friction at the base of granular chute flows on smooth incline. Physical Review E,103, 042905.
  • Y. Zhu, R. Delannay, A. Valance (2020). High-speed confined granular flows donw smooth inclines: scaling and wall friction law (2020). Granular Matter 22:82.
  • P. Richard, R. Artoni, A. Valance, R. Delannay (2020). Influence of lateral confinement on granular flows: comparison between shear‐driven and gravity‐driven flows. Granular Matter 22:81.
  • J.-L. Ralaiarisoa, J.-B. Besnard, B. Furieri, P. Dupont, A. Ould El. Moctar, F. Naaim, A. Valance (2020). Transition from saltation to collisional regime in wind-blown sand. Physical Review Letters 124, 198501.
  • Castelle, B.; Laporte-Fauret, Q.; Marieu, V.; Michalet, R.; Rosebery, D.; Bujan, S.; Lubac, B.; Bernard, J.-B.; Valance, A.; Dupont, P.; Ould El Moctar, A.; Narteau, C. Nature-Based Solution along High-Energy Eroding Sandy Coasts: Preliminary Tests on the Reinstatement of Natural Dynamics in Reprofiled Coastal Dunes. Water 2019, 11, 2518.
  • M.-C. Ferreira, B. Furieri, B., J.M Santos, J.-L. Harion, Ould El Moctar, A, Valance, P. Dupont et al. (2019). An experimental and numerical study of the aeolian erosion of isolated and successive piles. Environ Fluid Mech.
  • Bruno Furieri, Maria Clara Caliman, Alexandre Valance et al. (2019). A simple model to estimate emission of wind-blown particles from a granular bed in comparison to wind tunnel experiments. Geomorphology.
  • Selmani, H., Valance, A., Ould El Moctar, A., Dupont, P., & Zegadi, R. (2018). Aeolian sand transport in out-of-equilibrium regimes. Geophysical Research Letters, 45.
  • J. T. Jenkins & A. Valance (2018). Two-phase continuum theory of wind blown sand. Phys. Rev. Fluid.
  • S. Belkacem, F, Ould Kaddour and A. Valance (2018). Spreading of a granular droplet under horizontal vibrations. Phys. Rev. E.

Experimental and numerical tools

Particle tracking velocimetry for wind blown sand


DEM simulations of supported flows