Ludovic Biennier

CNRS Researcher - Head of department

Email : ludovic [dot] biennier [at] univ-rennes1 [dot] fr

Phone : +33 223236190

Office number : 119/1 - Bât. 11C

Research topics


© L. Biennier & M. Capron Supersonic Uniform flow
Mass Selective Ion Source - © L. Biennier
My research activities are conducted within the Laboratory Astrophysics theme. I work on the physical and chemical pathways towards molecular complexity in astrophysical environments from an experimental viewpoint. The main scientific topics are:
  • Reactive collisions at low energies
  • Ion processes
  • Cluster formation
  • Dust analogs processing

The processes studied are not only of interest for the chemistry of the interstellar medium and planetary atmospheres but also for other gaseous environements such as the Earth's atmosphere.

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