IPR, the Institute of Physics of Rennes

A research institute dedicated to physics localised in Rennes
Main entrance of IPR (bat.11E)

In short...

  • The Institute of Physics of Rennes (IPR UMR 6251) is a mixed research unit that depends on both the University of Rennes 1 and the CNRS. As part of the CNRS, the IPR is attached primarily to the Institute of Physics (INP) but also to the Institute of Chemistry (INC) and to the Institute of Engineering and Systems (INSIS).

  • The research pursued is essentially fundamental in nature, focusing on emerging concepts of modern physics and at the interface with chemistry, engineering, biology and environmental sciences. It also attempts to respond to questions posed by today's society, with an increasing number of activities in partnership with industry.

  • The IPR carries out both fundamental and applied research at the highest international level thanks to the expertise of its technical and administrative personnel. One of the institute's major strengths is the interplay between research projects and the development of technology and technical know-how.