Materials-nanosciences dept. equipments

équipement du DMN

Equipment for structural and dynamic analyses :

  • Résonance Magnétique du Solide : 300 MHz, 600 MHz – Haute résolution, Diffusion par gradients de champ pulsés, Basse Température, Haute Pression.
  • Spectroscopie Diélectrique large bande : 10-2 – 109 Hz
  • Microscopie optique polarisée : Température variable 100K-400K
  • Ellipsométrie spectroscopique : 300 – 2000 nm, Température variable
  • Microbalance de physisorption (DVS).
  • Calorimétrie à balayage.

Digital machines :

  • Multiprocessors

Equipment under ultra-high vacuum :

  • XPS analysis chamber (Mg/Al and monochromatic Al X-ray sources / HeI and HEII UV sources) coupled to a preparation chamber (heater, metallic and organic depositions).
  • XPS analysis chamber (Mg/Al X-ray sources / HeI and HEII UV sources) equipped with an angle resolved analyser (for X-ray photoelectron diffraction _XPD) and coupled to the epitaxial growth chambers (MBE for III-V semiconductors, metals and PLD for complex oxides).
  • A second PLD growth chamber dedicated to complex oxides associated to the ones of the Institut des Sciences chimiques de Rennes.
  • STM analysis chamber working at room temperature modified into BEEM (Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy) with magnetic field option and coupled to a preparation chamber (heater, metallic depositions).

Equipment at room atmosphere or controlled atmosphere :

  • Transport measurements I(V), C(V), Hall effect, magneto-transport with low temperature option. Metallic contact on organic films with a mercury drop or by buffer layer assisted growth (BLAG).
  • Magneto-optic Kerr effect measurements