Rheology and plasticity

Solutions of thermoresponsive tubes : jamming of cylindrical objects

Contact : A. Saint-Jalmes

In collaboration with INRA at Nantes, we have studied solutions of hydroxystearic acids, associated with alkanolamine counterions. It turns out that - with alkanolamine - the 12-hydroxystearic acid can be solubilized : it self-organizes in long (10 microns) multi-wall tubes.
These supramolecular structures also reversibly evolve with temperature : under heating, the tubes first grow in diameter (up to Tmax), then they shrink, before finally vanishing and forming small micelles above a temperature Tmelting.



  • “Yielding and flow of solutions of thermoresponsive surfactant tubes: tuning macroscopic rheology by supramolecular assemblies”  A.L. Fameau and A. Saint-Jalmes. Soft Matter, 10, 3622  (2014). DOI : 10.1039/c3sm53001a


  • Morphological Transition in Fatty Acid Self-Assemblies: A Process Driven by the Interplay between the Chain-Melting and Surface-Melting Process of the Hydrogen Bonds Anne-Laure Fameau, Fabrice Cousin, Arnaud Saint-Jalmes. Langmuir, 33, 12943 (2017). DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b02651

Fluidization of a granular solid

contact : A. Amon, J. Crassous

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