GDRi XFEL-Science French Members

The French participants to the Research Network
GDRi organized XFEL school 2013

Some of the members of the GDRi are listed below (only permanent staff)

Groupe PETRUX / Laboratoire CELIA, UMR 5107 CNRS - Université de Bordeaux - CEA Study of ultrafast phase transitions from solid-solid, solid-liquid to solid-plasma Out of equilibrium physics in Warm Dense matter; Using time-resolved optical diagnostic (FDI, Raman) coupled with time-resolved XANES

  • Fabien DORCHIES
  • Jérôme GAUDIN

DYNAMOP group @ IBS (Institut de Biologie Structurale, Grenoble) Working on structure determination from nanocrystals and light induced changes in photosensitive proteins. We using X-ray scattering, diffraction and a variety of absorption spectroscopy

  • Martin WEIK
  • Giorgio SCHIRO
  • Martin BYRDIN

Contraintes mécaniques dans des objets de petites dimensions @ Institut de Matériaux Microéléctronique Nanosciences de Provence website

  • Stephane LABAT
  • Olivier THOMAS

Magneto-structural dynamics @ Institut des NanoSciences de Paris (INSP), Sorbonne Université, Paris Hybrid magnetic systems (Fe/MnAs, Co/FeRh, CoNi_nanowires). Temperature and laser controlled magnetization switching. Time-resolved and resonant x-ray scattering at synchrotrons and FELs. Laser induced magnetization and structure dynamics. Two-color experiments at FELs website

  • Maurizio SACCHI
  • Leticia COELHO
  • Yunlin ZHENG
  • Franck VIDAL

Materials and Light @ IPR (Institut de Physique de Rennes) Working on light induced changes in molecules in solution and condensed matter. Using X-ray scattering, diffraction and absorption spectroscopy website

  • Eric COLLET
  • Laurent GUÉRIN
  • Maciej LORENC
  • Céline MARIETTE

Relaxation of core excited Atoms and Molecules @ LCPMR (Laboratoire de Chimie Physique - Matière et rayonnement) / Sorbonne Université Studying ultrafast dynamics via pump-probe and multiple core ionization on diluted Atoms and Molecules. We use Reaction microscope and electron spectroscopy website

  • Marc SIMON
  • Tatiana MARCHENKO
  • Maria Novella PIANCASTELLI
  • Renaud GUILLEMIN
  • Loïc JOURNEL

Systèmes fortement corrélés - Matériaux magnétiques @ LCPMR (Laboratoire Chimie Physique - Matière et Rayonnement) / Sorbonne Université Understanding electron and spin correlation effects and their relationship with the macroscopic properties of complex materials. We are using XUV and soft X-ray scattering, diffraction and absorption spectroscopy website

  • Boris VODUNGBO
  • Emmanuelle JAL
  • Renaud DELAUNAY
  • Romain JARRIER