Les séminaires du département Matériaux-Nanosciences



16/12/2019 Merwan Mokhtari IPR DMN, Soutenance de thèse Investigation of processing-induced defects in GaAs based vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) with aluminum-oxide confinement layers
17/10/2019 Qiyin Fang McMaster University, Canada Fast and Fluorescent Multiplexing Confocal Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging
17/10/2019 Ray LaPierre McMaster University, Canada Nanowire materials and applications
16/09/2019 Jianqiang Sky ZHOU
INSP, Paris
Photoemission spectroscopy from first principles
17/06/2019 Bruno Dlubak UMP CNRS-Thales, Palaiseau Introducing 2D Materials in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
13/05/2019 Denis David Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brésil XPS-PEELS using Fourier transform and its application to several materials
06/05/2019 Akihiro Koide IPR, DMN Development of MsSpec atomic scattering amplitude database (MASAD) and its results
29/04/2019 Rebeca Ribeiro-Palau C2N, Palaiseau Twistable electronics with dynamically rotatable heterostructures
01/04/2019 Diane Rébiscoul ICSM, CEA Marcoule The role of nanoconfinement on water properties and specific ion effects on the evolution of porous silica
18/03/2019 Amélie Juhin IMPMC, Paris Apport des spectroscopies magnétiques sur rayonnement synchrotron pour l’étude de nano-objets aux propriétés remarquables
25/02/2019 Bruno Fabre ISCR, Rennes Fonctionnalisation de surfaces de silicium pour la (photo)électronique moléculaire et la catalyse photoélectrochimique
14/01/2019 Ramona Mhanna        Colorado School of Mines (Golden, USA)                  Phase-Dependent Shear-Induced Order of Nanorods in Wormlike Micelle Solutions                                                          


10/12/2018 Francesco Sottile LSI – Polytechnique Palaiseau Excitons and exciton dispersion in electronic excitations
25/11/2018 Pierre Catrou IPR DMN, soutenance de thèse Formation de l’interface Fe/SrTiO3(001) : propriétés électroniques et structurales
09/07/2018 Jean-Yves Le Questel CEISAM, Nantes Insights into the binding mode of neonicotinoids to the insect nicotinic acetylcholine receptor from Molecular Modeling
26/06/2018 Antoine Tissot ENS, Paris Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks for catalysis and sensing applications
19/06/2018 Michael Fröba University of Hamburg Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas: Porosity meets Functionality
18/06/2018 Marc Baaden IBPC, Paris Modélisation et analyse visuelle interactives de systèmes complexes biologiques
14/06/2018 Dayan Ban University of Waterloo, Canada Photonic devices for optical upconversion, mid-infrared and terahertz lasing emission
04/06/2018 Frédéric Affouard UMET, Lille Modélisation moléculaire des matériaux d'intérêt pharmaceutique. Cristallisation vs Vitrification : Le rôle de l’interface.
24/04/2018 Aziz Goufi IPR DMN, conférence IPR Simulation Moléculaire : de la thermodynamique au nanoscope « in silico »
23/04/2018 Boris Le Guennic ISCR, Rennes Lanthanide-based single molecule magnets: contributions and actual limits of ab initio calculations
20/04/2018 Victor L. Sukhorukov Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia Many-electron effects in photoionization of atoms and simple molecules